Motorised Locks

Electromechanical, motorised locks are activated by a pulse generator as a push button, keypad, an access control system with badges, numerical codes or fingerprintreaders, where the motor the deadbolt or latch in multipoint locking systems, withdrawing in less then 1 second for a adjustable period.

A motor lock is always under continuous power.
This will cause that the door always remain locked with latch and deadbolt, even in case of power failure.

The interior side of the door gets equipped with a handle, knob or door pull.

If there's a handle fitted on the inner side (only in motor locks with a latch bolt),
is the lock equipped with a panic lock function, and it can be used in emergency doors.

If there's a door knob or pull provided,
Access control can then be applied on both sides of the door.
The lock holds then no longer panic function and should thus not be used for emergency doors.

There are 5 types of Motor Locks available  :

Motorsloten Smaldeurmotorslot Meerpunt Motorslot Meerpunt Smaldeur Motorslot Motorslot met zwaaischoot
Motor Locks for full timber and steel doors with latch and deadbolt. Motor Locks for narrow doors made of PVC, aluminum, timber or steel. They all have a latch and deadbolt. Multipoint Motor Locks for solid timber and steel doors Multipoint Motor Locks for narrow doors made of PVC, aluminum, timber or steel. Motor Lock with swinging bolt,without latch

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