Motor Locks Brondool

Brondool Motor Lock 4200 - Fail Secure - SKG**

  • Brondool 4200Secured Model according SKG standard **
  • Deadbolt : Stainless Steel,tested  upto  > 25.000 N
  • Latch : Nickle plated steel
  • Deadbolt Signaling : fitted with changeover contact (for deadbolt signaling)
  • Axis Distance  : PC 72
  • Cylinder Size : 17 mm europrofile
  • Backset : 60 mm
  • Cylinder Screw : max. length of 70 mm
  • Exchange: lock feature change, to operate the latch bolt
  • Finishing lock case: steel galvanized corrosion resistant
  • Faceplate : Stainless Steel
  • Maximum thickness of the locking case : 27 mm
  • Locking case countertop cutout: 165 x 190 mm (D x H) 
  • Remote Locking Signalisation through a potential free changeover contact
        (deadbolt signaling combined with reed contact)
  • Through the reed switch in the door, an automatic locking of the lock realized.
  • Based on the NEMEF 4319 (SKG **) lock,
        equipped with a specially mounted latch, deadbolt.
  • You can always lock and unlock the lock with the key
  • With each order you have to specify what the direction of the door is.
       (DIN L of DIN R)
  • Passed a duration test of > 600.000 operations.
  • The lock meets SKG - DJI testing protocol, which can be set equal to the cell doors

Control Unit DBK 42-1

  • Stuurkast DBK-42Door Stand Signaling NO/NC
  • Deadbolt Signaling NO/NC
  • Unlocking time is adjustable from 0 up to 10 seconds.
  • Fire contact NC
  • NO Contact for voor control.
  • Reedcontact for delay 0-2 sec.
  • Interlocking function possible between two control units.
  • Power Output 12V DC 300 mA.
  • Minimum pulse for opening 700 m.sec.
  • Connect on 230V AC.
  • Optional Bus Control




  • 22 mm Kaba cylinder cutout
  • Release lock (connector 7-fold) code TB Fail Safe
  • Universal Stainless Steel surface mountable lock Type 4141 (for use in metal doors or window frames)
  • Surface Mounted Locking RVS 4142
  • Stainless Steel 4219 Lockbox for the wooden frames
  • Stainless Steel striking plate for steel frames. Deliverable in various thicknesses
  • Messing klavier voor toepassing knopcilinder

As an option, the lock includes an electric hole blocking function. (.i.e. the deadbolt is both mechanically and electrically operated temporarily) This function can be used in for example unwanted calamities. (eg robbery, kidnapping, etc.)



Productinfo Brondool motor lock 4200 SKG** (DUTCH)
Wiring Diagram Brondool Control Unit DBK 42-1 (DUTCH)
Folder with all the Brondool locks (DUTCH)

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