Fuhr Multitronic 881

The motor lock for all applications

Self-locking multipoint motor locks with panicfunction

Fuhr Multitronic 881


Multipoint Motor lock with built-in panicfunction for main- and side entrancedoors
in professional and domestic buildings

  • Types of Locking:
    Type 11 – steel swinging- and dual deadbolts
    Type 3   – steel swinging bolts
    Type 8   – steel deadbolts
  • - Designed for use with profilecylinder, only applicable with certified freeeloop cylinders featuring FZG
  • - Right/left applicable by simple rearrangement of the latch
  • - Certified for emergency exit doors by DIN EN179 and panic doors according DIN EN1125
    - Fire safety edition on order
  • - LED-indication to place at the outside of the door. Normally it's placed at the motor,
       which is equipped with a reedcontact for the control of the motor and alarm installations.
  • - Easy extensible with the FUHR access control modules.
     (remote, fingerprintreader, transponderreader, keyboard, wall probe)
  • - Many standard connectivity possibilities


When closing the door all the shots automatically be extended electronically.
Opening works from the inside works by using the handle or panic bar.
From the inside you can open via a access control system (bv. remote, fingerprintreader, transponder, keyboard) or the cylinderkey. (bv. when a power failure occurs)
With the panic version, which has a splitted spindle, you can control the latch with the handle.

Technical Details

  • Faceplate:  flat 16 mm, 20 mm and 24 mm, U 22 x 6 mm, 24 x 6 mm en 24 x 6,7 mm
  • Material: FUHR silver and Stainless Steel
  • Backset : 35, 40, 45, 55, 65 en 80 mm
  • Spindle : 8/9/10 mm straight (panicfunction E), 9 mm splitted (panicfunction D)
  • PC dimensions 72 and 92 mm, KABA 74 and 94 mm


  • Escapedoor certificate according DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125
  • ift-certification program for multi-point locks QM 342
  • passed fire tests according to DIN EN 1634-1
  • burglary resistant according to DIN V ENV 1627 up to class 4
  • technical requirements for multi-point locks according to DIN 18251/3 up to class 4
  • dust-and splash-proof tested in accordance with DIN EN 60529 - IP54
  • thermal tests according to DIN EN 1121
  • testing the electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN EN 61000
  • VDE approval for regulating and control devices according to DIN EN 60730


Folder FUHR MULTITRONIC 881 - Dutch
FUHR MULTITRONIC 881 Installatie, gebruiks- en onderhoudshandleiding - Dutch
FUHR MULTITRONIC 881 Installation, operation and maintenance instructions - English


Order Number

Faceplate 16 mm

Backset Spindle Color Order Number
35 8 FUHR-Silver NP352D58S0
40 8 FUHR-Silver NP402D58S0
45 8 FUHR-Silver NP452D58S0
55 8 FUHR-Silver NP552D58S0
55 9 FUHR-Silver NP552D59S0
65 9 FUHR-Silver NP652D59S0
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