Solenoid Locks Assa Abloy

Version EL560 - effeff 709X502PZ Solenoid Locks for full wooden or steel doors

Assa Abloy EL560
The solenoid locks provide an electric openingcontrol on the handle on the outside, and a mechanical opening through the handle on the inside, with possible acces control on both sides of the door.

They are designed to be operated by several pulse generators: badgereaders, numerical keypads, keycontacts, control buttons, timers etc...
The electronic operation of the lock happens either by a powerimpulse or by a power "outage" (adjustable). They are made for surface mounted use. to use with a europrofile cylinder, with closed cabinet in a chromed steel, ± 2 mm thickness.
The Faceplate, with a thickness of 3mm is made from stainless steel. The specific lockingplate is made from chromed steel.
The latches are made from polished steel with a nickle coating; the two-lid spindle is made from steel.
The lock contains no zinc alloy component.

This lock has a built-in panic function,which means that the operation of the handle,or panic bar on the inside, swings in the deadbolt,
and by doing that it releases the "Double-acting frictionless" latch. The exit is always free / open. 

So this makes this lock perfectly for emergency exits (EN179).

It is also equipped with an automatic locking mechanism of the deadbolt,
that guarantees at each closure. Safety in composition of the door
the dead bolt is automatically projected by a spring in the activation of the probe,
in a combination of the latch bolt in the lock plate of the lock.
The double-acting and frictionless latch is automatically locked by projection of deadbolt.
The final result is a 2-point lock.
The locks are pierced through the mounting screws on the plates and rosettes, which makes it totally supportive.

How it works

Closed door :
The detection latch is pushed in. The handle on the outside is not activated and does not have any influence on the shooters.

When receiving a voltage impulse or power outage on the solenoid, the outside handle gets activated ( access control on the outside ),
or both of the handles (access control on both sides) the deadbolt and unlocks the latch as long as :

  • The Lock stays powered, if it's working fail safe.
  • The Lock stays unpowered, if it's working fail secure.

The handle(s) on the outside are active. The detection latch is free when the door is opened.

The latch and deadbolt automatically get locked by a combination,
of pushing the detection latch and the latch, even when a powercut occurs. The detectionlatch is again pushed.

Mechanical Unlocking :
By operating the handle on the inside when he's activated, or by using the key on the outside.
(only with access control on the outside)

If there is access control on the outside, by the splitted spindle,
it's necessary to use 2 handles with a splitted spindle.

Technical Characteristics

  • Voltage  12 up to 24 VDC ( -10, +15%)
  • Rotation : Left - Right ajustable (with an imbusscrew)
  • Panicfunction inside - outside reversible (with an imbusscrew)
  • Adjustable Fail Safe or Fail Secure Mode (with a switch)
  • Automatic Locking: Mechanic combination of the latch and detection latch.
  • Power Consumption: 400 mA. @ 12 V. up to + 20°C , 240 mA. @ 24 V. up to + 20°C
  • Autodetection : deadboltposition, manipulation of the handle, manipulation of the cylinder, position of the door
  • Operating Temperature -20°C up to +60°C
  • Axis Distance 72 mm
  • Basic Backset 55-60-65 mm
  • Spindle 8 or 9 mm
  • Rounded faceplate 24 x 235 mm of 20 x 235 mm
  • Jetty of the deadbolt 20 mm
  • Jetty of the latch 10 mm
  • Cylinder : Half Profile cylinder with lockingnose at 45°
  • Sideload of the deadbolt : 10.000 N

The locks conform to DIN 18 250 Class 3 and EN179 standard panic,
also for the EN1125 are separately ABLOY panic ones available.


Specifcations Sheet Assa Abloy EL560


Afmetingen EL-560

Order Numbers

Order Numbers Descriptions
AS202000 EffEff  709X502PZ---G41   Faceplate 24mm
Axis Distance 72mm - Backset 55mm - DIN L & DIN R reversible,
zonder sluitplaat - zonder aansluitkabel
AS202001 EffEff  709X602PZ---G41   Voorplaat 24mm
Asafstand 72mm - Doornmaat 60mm - DIN L & DIN R keerbaar, 
zonder sluitplaat - zonder aansluitkabel
AS202002 EffEff  709X702PZ---G41   Voorplaat 24mm
Asafstand 72mm - Doornmaat 65mm - DIN L & DIN R keerbaar,
zonder sluitplaat - zonder aansluitkabel
AS202010 EffEff  709X802PZ---G41   Voorplaat 24mm
Asafstand 72mm - Doornmaat 80mm - DIN L & DIN R keerbaar,
zonder sluitplaat - zonder aansluitkabel



RVS Sluitplaat 232 x 40 x 3mm

EffEff Sluitplaat AS204005


RVS Sluitplaat 232 x 32 x 3mm

EffEff Sluitplaat  AS204006

AS202007 Aansluitkabel 6m
AS202008 Aansluitkabel 10m
AS201014 Slotvoorplaat 20mm voor ombouw voorplaatbreedte van 24mm naar 20mm - DIN Links
AS201017 Slotvoorplaat 20mm voor ombouw voorplaatbreedte van 24mm naar 20mm - DIN Rechts

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