EffEff Technilock L3

The lock L3-SA and L3-SX are globally not in production anymore..
We can always help you with advising you the best alternative. If you're interested in an alternative,
please get in touch with us.

Electromagnetic security lock, with a DC Power Supply (24V DC)

EffEff Technilock L3


  • Symmetrical and surface hardened bolt
  • Stainless Steel Striking Plate
  • Monitoring of the bolt and doorposition
  • Lockbox Thickness = 25 mm
  • Fail Secure -  unlocking with the handle.
  • Working Fail Secure
  • Left and Right Reversible.
  • Unlocked by a electromagnet or mechanically by a key and using the handle, locked by a spring.
  • If you use this lock, you have to use a handle on the inside.
        This makes it possible to always exit the building,
        but enter with a key or with a badge by using the access controlsystem.
  • With this model the bolt is always blocked when he's ejected.
  • Length of the bolt = 20 mm
  • Burglary Resistance = 25000N
  • Maximum Lateral Pressure = 700N
  • Power Supply = 24V DC -5 + 10%, maximum ripple 5%
  • Activation Current: ± 4 A
  • Holding Current : 380 mA
  • The lock does 3 attempts to safely lock the door.
  • Monitoring Output : 24V DC
  • Spindle : 9 mm
  • Tolerance between the lock and the strikingplate is a minimum of 2 mm, maximum of 5.5 mm


Technilock L3 HX

  L3-HX-35 L2-HX-60
A 35 mm 60 mm
B 52,5 mm 77,5 mm
C 72 mm 72 mm
D 81 mm 81 mm
H 8 mm 8 mm



















Order Numbers

Order Numbers Omschrijving
No longer available Fail Secure HX with handle operation
Backset 35 mm - European Cylinder 17 mm
No longer available Fail Secure HX with handle operation
Backset 60 mm - European Cylinder 17 mm



This lock is out of production worldwide. We can offer you custom alternatives.
Feel free to get in touch with us



Order Number Description

Technilock SRH-02 met krukStainless Steel Security Escutcheon for Technilock L3-HX with handle
and and core pulling protection for European Cylinders 17 mm

PS 24 D52

PS24Power Supply for Technilock Locks
24V stabilised - 4,5 A to deliver to 2 locks at once.
Equipped with a monitoring system which checks the voltage on the connection terminals,
and the voltage of the voltage output adjusts if needed. 
Can be used as a battery charger,
and as a backup-power supply when a power failure occurs 


PS24 aansluitschema

  Connection Cable Technilock - B&B-Locks

Wiring Scheme

Technilock L3 Aansluitschema

Specifications Sheets TECHNILOCK L3-SA en L3-SX

  • Backset 30 mm / 40 mm / 60 mm.
  • High quality electromechanical safety lock
  • SA Model : working failsafe.
    Unlocked by the power of a spring or by operating the lock with a key; locking by a electromagnet.
  • SX Model : working fail secure.
    Unlocked by the power of a spring or by operating the lock with a key;
    locking by a spring. After the door is closed, the striking plate gets detected.
    When the striking plate is detected, the bolt gets immediately ejected by a single working magnet,
    and the bolt gets blocked. The lock will now switch from Holding Current to Activation Current within approx. 1 second.
  • Fits a Europrofile Cylinder
  • Shack Plate: 3 mm thick brushed stainless steel
  • Bolt and locking parts: cemented (45 RC) chromium-molybdenum
  • Striking Plate: Stainless Steel
  • Locking Case: 2,5 mm thick  galvanized steel
  • Resistance of the Lateral Pressure (non destructable) : 25.000 N
  • Included : Stainless Steel Striking Plate
  • Electronic PCB with following functions : monitoring of the lockstatus (locked / unlocked) through a  24 VDC output / Monitoring of the position of the door (open / closed) through a 24VDC output
  • Power Supply : 24VDC, min. -5 % / max. + 35 %, ripple max. 5 %
  • Power Usage: Activation Current (moment of locking) : approx. 4 A.
  • Holding Current : (stays locked) : approx. 380 mA.
  • Alarm Warning via a signal when a non-authorised entry is happening, or if they don't close the door correctly.
  • Connection by removable plugs and screws (wiresection max. 1,5 mm2)
  • Tolerance between the faceplate and the striking plate : min. 2 mm & max. 5.5 mm


  • Backset 35mm / 60mm.
  • Highsecurity Electromechanical Burglary Resistant lock, fail secure.
  • Unlocking by a electromagnet, by key operation or with a handle on the secure side of the door.
  • Locking is done by a spring
  • Shack Plate: 3 mm thick brushed stainless steel
  • latchbolt length : 20 mm
  • Lockcase width  25 mm
  • Lockcase : 2,5 mm thick galvanized steel
  • Lateral Pressure Resistance (non-desctructable destructief) : 25000 N (afhankelijk van de inbouw)

Due to the fact that there's a handle on the secured side of the door,
the lock combines his fail secure mode with the possibility to exit the door by operating the handle, in all circumstances.

When the door is closed, the striking plate gets detected by the lock. If it's detected,
the bolt gets ejected and blocked by a deadbolt.
To unlock the door it's 
necessary to make contact between the 2 terminals with a switch.
A electronic PCB will make sure the electromagnet will get powered and pull in the deadbolt
The lock will now switch from Holding Current to Activation Current within approx. 1 second.

Security Escutcheon :
The Security Escutcheon provides a robust protection against breaking and slipping of the cylinder,
and ofcourse against pulling out the cylindrical rotor.  These solid mounts on the door with security fitted M8-screws,
are an extra anchoring for the lock.

Drill-through plate:
To protect the lock and the built-in electronics against drill-through accidents,
There's a 2mm thick anti-drill-through plate available. This plate is made of hardened

Deze plaat is vervaardigd uit gehard manganese-vanadium steel and has to be screwed in the locking case.